Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chill out!

So Mane called and asked if I wanted to tag along to Helsinki for the MP12 motorcycle expo. Seeing as the same weekend also included the Photo Harvest (bike themed photo show) and Winter Chill Out Party, I figured why not. Had I known I'd be spending more time outside in -22C to -27C degrees than looking at bikes I might have stayed home.

Nomen est omen.

As we arrived at the photo show Flink was just getting ready to head home.
In a sidecar Ural.
In minus twenty-something degrees.
Hard-core. Or just nuts.

Photo Harvest exhibition.

Chocolate cake NOM NOM NOM


So Mane, we should be on our way to the expo to pick up the bikes.
What gives?

Several (gloveless) hours, too many cigarettes, and many phonecalls later..

By the way, you try finding a battery for a VW transporter on a Sunday evening in Helsinki.
It ain't easy.
Where is everybody?

Mane will probably have pics from both the expos up at some point.
Apart from the cold, it was a good trip with good people.

Special thanks to Tane for the use of his car and Mala for the use of his tools.

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