Monday, June 27, 2011


Be a man, kick a pan

Isn't it nice.. when you're having trouble..

..getting your panhead to start..

..that there are so many friendly people..

..ready to offer encouragement?

"You meet the nicest people kicking a panhead."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time to relax?

OK, so summer's here, the first trip of the season behind us. Guess it's time to kick back, put away the tools, enjoy the rides... right?

WRONG. Shit is again getting chopped, swapped, fabbed...

We're never getting out of this basement..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moments in Sweden: On the road to Tidaholm

The trip to Tidaholm started out with great weather..

Then this crap started, and kept up for some 4 days, stranding us in a place called Hjo (A pretty place but I can't recommend a prolonged stay unless you're past 80..)

Drying gear on the stove. The smell was.. memorable.

But we made it. Then we got drunk. Then Juice fell asleep and someone stole the Larsen I'd so carefully carried across half the country.

BTW: This guy almost got himself castrated. Juice had thrown a pushrod so the lower pipe was sucking as much as blowing.

The Triplets. One more and the universe would implode.

Pontus & Paul, in it for the kicks.

Moments in Sweden: CBS 2011

One way to smoke your gearbox.

This I still don't understand...

Panheads make Mane smile.

Dice said relax.

Homegrown Choppers invaded our camp after the show.

Waking up with a hangover to find someone elses blood on the INSIDE of your tent and no idea how it got there is scary shit.

On monday we packed the bikes and headed west.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lars' & Juice's Swedish Adventure

So Juice and I are also back from Sweden, having first rode over to the Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje and then made our way down to Tidaholm for the Jokers' show the following weekend. Juice threw a pushrod in Tidaholm and had to ride back in the van from there, but in all my Triump racked up some 1200km on the meter, no worries. A big cheers to the people we met and partied with along the way, to mention some: the guys at Monkeyhouse who we rode over with and drank with, Homegrown Choppers who invaded our camp at Norrtälje, the guys at Twin Club MC who invited us to drink with them at their clubhouse when everyone else had left the grounds (Lifetime VIP passes, sweet!), Gustav who saw to it we were properly messed up in Tidaholm ("The moon is falling.."), Benji, Jimmy, Paul of Magnetozoo (you rule dude, have fun on the trip to Linkert Attack!), the whole Jokers gang for throwing a sweet party (and for the Best Brit Bike trophy, I'm stoked) and all the others. Apart from some 4 days of unrelenting rainy weather the trip was amazing. I hope we'll be doing this again.

Pics to follow once we get them sorted.