Monday, February 13, 2012

Paskaa Tuutin täydeltä?

Finally got the engine off the frame. That fucker is quite heavy (80 - 90 kilos) and fitted to the frame really tightly. Not a easiest job to do by yourself, without any mechanical help either...

                                          Now things get really interesting...

 Everything ok this far, no need for boooooring. Only new rings and honing. It would be too easy now to change the cam and make this baby 850cc. Shoud I...?

                Cam chain adjustment rollers are supposed to be soft. Maybe 21 years soaking in oil is not good for the rubber.

Original -79 CB ready for museum vehicle inspection. (except pipes) Hmm, what to do? To rape or not to rape, that is the question... Any ideas?

Look mom, I has made a poo-scoop!

Shovelhead shocks and relocated lower mounts.

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  1. Needs some lower setup,front fender off,other tyres and strip all unnecessary electric...Done!