Tuesday, July 17, 2012

road trip pt 1

we started at joutsa a week road trip with misa,mane came couple days later to lappeenranta. we have no destination only few place where we might want to go so we got a week time to ride at juupajoki and rest was organized chaos .. out of gas few times ,broken oil tank,broken gas cable,rain suit around rear sprocket at 110 km/h & last at billys party i fell on river .. so but hey still waiting the next trip!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Joutsa Chopper Show 2012

We took a ride up to Joutsa for the annual Chopper show, some people had left earlier so me, Juice, Misa and Uncle Henri geared up and got on our bikes on Friday.
We'd joined up with Jere and Timppa earlier during the day and stayed the night in a rented cabin in Himos, where we met up with Valu and his girlfriend  and were joined by mister Flying Choppers, namely Andy.
The next day we met up with the OSC boys and headed up to Joutsa. I need a bigger bike, my triumph can't keep up with these guys! The weather was perfect, so perfect my trump nearly seized from the heat and effort to keep up.
Lots of bikes, rods, people and sunshine in Joutsa.
Jude's digger BSA. I love this bike. I sent Jude some clutch parts and the exhaust pipe earlier this year, feels good to help out when the end result is this awesome!
Andy brought along his new über-skinny chop, after some minor issues with carb and electrics it ran like a dream! Looks the part too.

The weather forecast promised a massive rain front coming in so we decided not to stay the night but head towards Turku. We got a few drops and thought for once we'd be smart and get our rain gear on in time and not in the middle of a downpour. After which Jere and I rode some 200km with no rain, feeling like a pair of used condoms!! The others had left earlier and gone another way, they did catch a shower.

The ride down went nicely, apart from uncle Henri's belt snapping (always carry a spare) and my trump blew a fuse some 3 km from the garage. Juice and Misa stayed behind to spend a week riding round Finland and were later joined by Mane. They're probably hung over somewhere near the eastern border as I'm writing this.
All in all, although the trip was cut unfortunately short, it was a good trip with good people.

So, who's up for Juupajoki next weekend??

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