Thursday, December 8, 2011

Show Class #3

Yes! Finally got my issue! Seems to be problems with shipping as both I and Mika had to write Tim asking where the fuck our mags were at. But, Tim is a class act and today 3x copies + goodies arrived. Fucking mailmen had tore the envelope open, luckily everything hadn't fallen out..

Anywhoo, I just thought I'd write my thoughts on the issue down. Easy enough, as it ruled.

Now, I will admit I was apprehensive at first, thinking why the hell would I want to pay for a mag from half-way 'round the world with mostly tits in it, as I can jerk off in front of my screen for free should I so choose, but in the end decided I wanted to support a cool up-and-coming thing by subscribing, and with this issue I find I was proven right. The guys are really learning fast, the layout is improving, the pictures are better, I READ (and enjoyed) the articles by a bunch of cool guys..

And the bikes are top notch! Great eye. None of the leather fetished wannabe badasses or true-flamed/ghostskulled/tribaled-out "theme" bikes here. No fucking rear wheels wider than my ass and with every piece of available billet to be found bolted on.

Point is, this mag hits home with me and if they keep this up, I'll keep subscribing.

Okay, enough ass-sucking already.

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  1. Shit Magazine. Gay bikes, expecially in last issue. ;-)