Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random iphone pic flow of conciousness

"Deck the halls with parts of harleys, falalala-laa, la la laa laa!" Movember is over, Christmas is approaching, but it seems to me this whole Dice thing has gone too far?

Ah, christmas. I can't wait to get some of that big juicy x-mas ham..

..lovingly prepared in a kitchen smelling of gingerbread..

..and all other lovely delights, though not perhaps healthy, still oh so good!

And let's not forget the presents! We all do so love presents. Like this one from Paul over at Magnetozoo.

Yes, Christmas is a magical time, when magical, unexpected things happen. Like your rear head deciding to surprise you and reveal itself to be a genuine XLR head.

Dear Santa, all I want for christmas is a Strociek heavy duty trapdoor for an early sporty. Or a Ron Trock cast iron one. Yours sincerely, L.

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