Tuesday, July 12, 2011

S&S Two Throat Carb - Rarer than hen's teeth?

The carbs reputation is bad. It's tiny bit difficult to tune. But when it works, you get great acceleration and in idle it is very consistent. Even the gas economy is good. I have ridden with mine 10 years. Once I tried S&S Super E for two weeks, but quickly I changed back to Two Throat.
Prices are getting high. But you can still find these on Ebay for 500 - 800 $. Repair kits are also hard to find. You should try old dealers. In Finland V-Twin City Loimaa or HotBike.
Here are pics of our club members Two Throats. 

Tinppa's Early Shovel"74

Misa's Late Shovel "74

Mane's Panhead "74

Petsu's Late Shovel "74

Compelte repair kit bought from V-Twin City Loimaa

Service Manual from S&S cycle: http://bit.ly/rdIKEx


  1. Maybe it´s not so hard after all. Ask Charley Karling, www.karlingracing.com. He lives in Täby, Sweden and I saw a lot of Tho Throat parts on his shelves as late as yesterday.

  2. For who's interested I've got a two throat for sale, without air intake. Let me know if you want more info.


  3. i have a brand spankin new old stock S&S two throat kit for shovelhead (NOT a rebuilt, new from S&S). when i say kit, it has everything (I MEAN EVERYTHING) including the carb brand spanking new as shipped from S&S, PLUS it also includes a new S&S throttle (push pull) S&S chrome throttle carrier,everything. complete kit includes carb (never mounted, never ran, never had fuel in it) ait cleaner, with washable element, spacer and gaskets, all screws, jet kit,ect,ect,ect...even includes the original receipt ,instructions,ect. everything you need to change your shovelhead over to two throat. even has the original S&S performance sticker!. $500 firm...email me at shovelman AT huntingforgold DOT net for photos. P.S. i spoke in length about these with S&S yesterday when i pulled mine out to get info as they have been discontinued. S&S told me that most of the parts for these ARE AVAILABLE as alot of the parts such as the accelorator pump, diaphram,ect,ect,ect are THE SAME as the super E. only parts not available for these are the float itself and the gaskets, which are easily cut. also if your float dies, it can be copied in brass by several outfits. i know as ive had to have one made in the past at a cost of $25.00)

  4. I have one of the developmental cutaway two-throat s&s carburetors that the original Mr. Smith sent to a mechanical engineer (and Bonneville racer on HD 900 Sportsters) in order to get his take on the flow-bench and operational characteristics of the new and not yet released "Two-Throat racing carb. This is a true piece of S&S History, and carburetor developmenet history. If interested in purchasing this original cutaway PROTOTYPE S&S "TWO_THROAT CARB, I am making it available at 1500.00 USD but only until December 24, 2014. If it is not sold by then, I will have some cash and will be able to keep it...I wouldn't sell it but I am forced to, so this is you serious S&S Cycles collectors to obtain an extremely rare piece of Historical "Unobtainium." Write to me at "BSAR3A75@GMAIL.COM" OR TEXT ME AT (512) 585-6417. Thanks guys, I wanted to offer it here to you first...BC

  5. You can find the above S&S TWO-THROAT CARB ON EBAY AT:
    Orig S&S Cutaway "Two-Throat" Carb For Flow Testbed! Extremely Rare & Historical - #121523549892

  6. Is it possible to still get a rebuild kit for 2 throat. Thanks

  7. I bought out the NOS two throat parts from S&S if anyone needs anything