Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo Harvest Helsinki 2013 at KKS

"Photo Harvest Helsinki 2013 is a photo exhibit about the world of kustom kulture. The PHH is a tradition that begun in 2011, where anyone can join with kustom kulture themed photos to a "harvest celebration" organized in autumn at the Roadweirdoes garage at Kivihaka in Helsinki. The best pictures and photographers are selected for display on the spring Kustom Kulture exhibition. The best of last year's pictures were shown at the +Studio gallery at Pursimiehenkatu in Helsinki at the time of the motorcycle exhibition. The photographer can be anyone, a beginner or a professional, with no regard for age or gender, as long as the pictures are connected by a common theme.
This exhibition is attended by seven Finnish photgraphers. These people have in common a love for old machines and technology, people dealing with them and the lifestyle when all of this forms its own culture. In these pictures have been trapped the immortal beauty of old devices, the unyielding and resilient people who busy around them the feeling of togetherness, which unfortunately is too often forgotten in the modern expendable culture. The pictures have been taken both in Finnish and foreign devents, in the middle of drifts, among dark garages and among this great community, which joins us photographers, the targets and their viewers together - in the kustom kulture."

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