Tuesday, July 17, 2012

road trip pt 1

we started at joutsa a week road trip with misa,mane came couple days later to lappeenranta. we have no destination only few place where we might want to go so we got a week time to ride at juupajoki and rest was organized chaos .. out of gas few times ,broken oil tank,broken gas cable,rain suit around rear sprocket at 110 km/h & last at billys party i fell on river .. so but hey still waiting the next trip!!!


  1. special thanks to these three gyro gearloose, juice, misa & mane, who helped me in my own fluky chaos on the road in punkaharju
    -gladstone gander-

  2. Looks like an epic trip! Where can I see more of that triumph? I want to see the brake pedal linkages.