Friday, June 15, 2012

I know what you did last winter


Tinppas tank for the early shovel. After a failed flaking I got the next try to hold.

Taping sucks if one doesn't have an artistic eye. I don't.

Black base and shading.

Added rootbeer kandy, but went a bit too dark.

After many (MANY) problems with the clear coats I got it somewhat okay.

Misa's shovel.

Juice did the taping, Misa did the painting, I just shaded the edges and helped clear it.
Katri's XS, she did the taping.

First shadings with black and some green.

The final airbrushed bases.

Let dry.
Add clear.

Final product.
Kick. Ride.

My colleague Jesse's shovel. He did the white base and gave me free rein. Decided to try my hand at some flames.

Flamed scallop.

What became of it.

Went with a different design on the other side.

After clear.

Final product.

I want YOU to wetsand.

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