Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dytch - Size Does Matter

The insanity continues! Went to customs today to pick up my package containing a fairly rare setup I got from Don Rothwell. Don is in his 60's, a former IDBA and AMA Dragbike National Record holder, and still runs a 90" ironhead fuel bike. The man rocks.

So what we have here is cast Dytch cylinders and genuine Dytch pistons with a 3.25" bore for early 900 sportsters. With a set of 4 5/8" stroker flywheels that would take the displacement up to 77 cubic inches (1250cc)! This set was used for one season before Don put it on the shelf in 1974, as he was going to go even bigger. There they've stayed until now. Craaazy baby, craazy..

Here's an article on Doc Dytch and his Dreadful Strokers, enjoy!
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