Wednesday, March 30, 2011

F*ck the Blue Meanies!

So I came home today to find a letter from Officer Friendly. I thought that was nice, people don't send enough letters in this hi-tech cyber age of ours. I opened said letter, expecting to read about how thing are going down at the police station, how nice it is that I'm not a crack-head, rapist or murderer, have a nice day and wish-you-were-here etc.
Sadly, only the last part applies. Seems they want to take my driver's license away, even tho it's been six months since I last got my picture taken at one of those road-side cameras. I can only hope they've been busy throwing crack-heads, rapists and murderers in jail, and that's why it took them so long to get back to me.(Why they won't let you keep the picture at the very least is just plain mean, especially considering the price of one of those. I doubt even Josh Kurpius is that expensive!)
Seems I need to go down there and "explain myself", grovel a bit and see if they'll let me keep it.

Anywhoo, this one is for all the Blue Meanies out there. Watch out for estonian mushroom vendors!

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